Looking At Pauma Casino Versus Sycuan Casino

When looking for places to go to enjoy casino games in San Diego it can be difficult to choose. There are a number of Native American reserve casinos and it is worth looking to see what they have to offer. In this article we will be looking at Pauma casino versus Sycuan casino.

Both websites offer an interesting history of the Pauma and Sycuan tribes. The Sycuans are said to have been in San Diego for 12,000 years. They have their own sovereign rule by their democratically Tribal Council.

Both casinos offer a range of restaurants. With the Pauma casino, the Parrot lounge offers live entertainment while you eat. Alternatively you may prefer to have a quick bite at the deli or order some pizza at the Pauma pizza restaurant.

The two casinos also offer different types of dining experiences. They both offer dining restaurants with entertainment as well as delis and snack bars for a quick bite to eat between games. There are also special offers for different foods and some all you can eat specials.

Both casinos offer special promotions, both in terms of the games and the dining. For example Pauma casino offers breakfast in exchange for points deals and special poker tournaments during the football season. They also offer an interesting twist on roulette with card roulette, a game where you bet odds on suits, numbers, aces and jokers drawn from a card pack.

Sycuan casino offers a 2 to 1 blackjack where all bets are double. You can also get special low cost breakfasts with unlimited coffee refills. It also has a resort down the road from the casino. If you like golf you can enjoy playing on what has been voted the favourite golf course of San Diego. In short, comparing Pauma casino versus Sycuan casino depends very much on the kind of games you enjoy and the best offers. Check their sites to find out more about their upcoming events.